County of Devon, in England

If sandy beaches, medieval towns, fossil cliffs, moorland nation parks, or even just a cozy place to make some coconut flour muffins are your thing, then you will love Devon, which is a county in the southwest of England. Everywhere in the county looks like a freaking post card; the hilly, cobblestone streets dotted with cottages, and the quaint little coastal harbor towns alike.

My favorite site to visit in Devon is Dartmoor National Park. Located smack dab in the middle of Devon, it is quite easily accessible, making it a great day trip from pretty much any surrounding town. The landscape is stunning, full of 360 degree views. With many beautiful granite tors, deep wooded valleys, rivers, and wide open space, you will have yourself an entire day of fun and “awwee.” It is a great idea for the entire family; from it’s easy-to-follow trails, to the many open park-like spaces, to its quietness and safety. Within the park, there are also many attractions to visit and delicious places to eat!

My favorite city to visit is Exeter. Why? Located in the Southwest of England, directly on the River Exe, it has the history and charm of an ancient city, including a large portion of a wall built by the Romans, but also remains comfortable for a modern lifestyle. Within the city is the Exeter Cathedral, dating back to modern times. The city is a great starting point to discovering all that the county of Devon has to offer.

No matter what activities you are interested in, Devon has something for everyone, and the people are beyond welcoming! It’s truly a great little place to visit.